Corporate Wellness

6 Week Bootcamp Program

Come see the next generation in BOOTCAMP Fitness Studios

Alpha Strong Gym is creating a buzz around their live weight system and unique bootcamp program that gets results! Our facility is like nothing you will experience in the community. Our focus is on relationships and helping every person hit their goals, while we take pride in our coaching, it doesn’t stop there. Alpha Strong believes that to be set up for success, you need great information on food, supplements, and tracking progress. Alpha Strong is a transformation facility, transforming one life at a time.

How does this fit into the corporate world? Show your employees how much you truly care by offering this great benefit. Alpha Strong believes when wellness is integrated into the company’s structure, employees are happier, and of course healthier. We want to work side by side with leadership, making a cohesive entity for employees to live the lifestyle. Employees sometimes begin to resent wellness programs if exercise is the only benefit offered, with the discounts and consultations offered, your employees are getting an experience, not just a workout class.

With discounts on meal programs and delivery, discounts on massages, and a grand prize for the employee that has the best results at the end of a 6-week program, employees are getting much more than just a workout.

Services Offered

The employee with the best results at the end of the 6 weeks will receive:

Corporate Price: $3,250 (Up to 20 Employees)

Additional Services

Meal Prep Service
Offered at a discounted rate to employees who participated

Soft Tissue injury and recovery to prevent workman’s comp,
improve performances, and counter workplace pain syndrome.

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Alpha Elite Bootcamp or Challenge Sessions:
Choose 5:30 AM, 8:45 AM or 6:00 PM Monday – Thursday

Alpha Elite Glutes:
5:00 PM – 5:50 PM Tuesday’s & Thursday’s

(RED) Flow and Stretch:
$80 for four sessions – 9:00 AM Saturday

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