Vision And History


Alpha Strong’s ultimate vision is to transform lives, bodies, and experiences by approaching fitness in new, innovative ways. With a streamlined studio, unparalleled equipment, and holistic training methods, Alpha Strong will become a staple in your fitness and lifestyle. Deviating from the run-of-the-mill fitness landscape, Alpha Strong’s value system is defined by our belief in a synergistic approach to fitness and lifestyle, providing an experience that simply yields results.


Alpha Strong evolved from fitness industry trends that were simply not yielding ultimate results. Kathy Hankins, owner and founder of New Strong, which manufactures the best sand-ball and sand-bag on the market, and the Alpha Strong training headquarters, was passionate about finding a holistic approach to fitness. As Kathy continued to train large bootcamp groups, she realized the need for safe and approachable equipment that her clients could use to maximize their efforts as well as programs that would allow the body to become the machine.

Alpha Elite Bootcamp

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Alpha Elite Bootcamp or Challenge Sessions:
Choose 5:30 AM, 8:45 AM or 6:00 PM Monday – Thursday

Alpha Elite Glutes:
5:00 PM – 5:50 PM Tuesday’s & Thursday’s

(RED) Flow and Stretch:
$80 for four sessions – 9:00 AM Saturday

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