Not the same old workout. Not the same old you.

M | W

5:30AM | 6:00PM



Warrior is the largest and most effective transformation experience in our community. Along with using discipline and accountability as fitness training methods, we use Alpha Strong’s “live weight system” to reach maximum transformation. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, all clients feel safe, comfortable and have the support they need to reach their goals. This program comes with a meal plan and powerful coaching to guide you and support change.

       T | TH                       SATURDAY

5:30AM | 6:00PM                                           9:00AM

In Alpha X, we use a wide range of equipment. We focus on slow and controlled Intentional lifts in a circuit setting. Alpha X is done in a group setting with others who are looking for the same support in achieving their goals. The science behind Alpha X is to diversify your strength training, increase range of motion and build muscle. This class paired with our Warrior program is the perfect combo to completely transform your body.

M | W

4:30PM | 5:15PM

If you want great muscle definition with a kick of low impact cardio to raise your heart rate while firing up your metabolism, this is the class for you. Strength and conditioning are an essential part of becoming a stronger, more efficient and less injury prone Athlete. Alpha Strong carries the strategy to bringing strength and conditioning into your everyday life; not only to change your body but in order to change your mind.


10 AM

Holistic Warrior embodies Alpha Strong’s Mission to integrate a holistic experience into a single session. Athletic Yoga not only fits our business model, it brings balance to all of our other programs. This program is perfect for anyone in the community that wants to build and elongate your muscles, while stretching and strengthening your discipline.

This class is offered as a stand-alone class to our core clients and anyone in the community that would like to join us:)

Cost ~ 15$ per person

Contact ~ (530)-774-8334