Transformation Process:

What is accountability coaching?

    An accountability coach is someone who motivates another person to keep their commitment. Alpha Strong utilizes consistent and convenient communication to motivate, inspire, and track progress; to celebrate victories and help learn from mistakes; and to offer professional advice on mindfulness, nutrition, and physical fitness.

     The nature of the service varies for each client, but you can count on weekly touch bases focusing on reflection, goal-setting, visualization and thought experiments, planning out a fitness and nutrition plan for the next week, troubleshooting problems or potential roadblocks to success, strategies for advancing your progress to your goals.

Initial Consultation –

Each person is afforded a consultation to discuss their healthy history, goals, potential setbacks, and how I can be of service in the pursuit of your goals. After this consultation, I will submit a recommendation for coaching via email that typically involves a 6-12-weeks plan, depending on your goals.

Planning Session-

  •     Initial Weigh-In
  •     Identify process and goals
  •     Establish a realistic time frame to achieve goals

            *Please bring a list of all upcoming trips and/ or social events. These dates will affect the plan I derive for you.