Group Training is not just another way to train it’s a lifestyle… Fitness enthusiasts prefer group training because it transforms their minds, while transforming their body’s. The support and camaraderie makes it an event not another exercise class. This new fitness landscape has a tribe like feel with holistic training methods that you won’t get sitting on a machine. Group Training requires the right equipment and programming which Alpha Strong has created an entire live weight system that is safe approachable, portable specifically for this training method. Share goals, get results, share nutrition in a challenging, empowering, fun environment…

Alpha Strong’s ultimate vision is to transform lives, bodies and experiences by approaching fitness in new, innovative ways. With streamlined studios, unparalleled equipment and holistic training methods, Alpha Strong will become a staple in the fitness and lifestyle industry.


I never wanted to open a gym to build pretty people! I created ALPHA STRONG GYM to heal people one REP at a time!

In Strength-

Kathy Hankins